Новая Гокула

Short Story of Project

Nava Gokula was stareted in 2015 by grihastha couple Rukmini Ramana Prabhu with Lakshmi mataji and devotees from Prabhupad Bhavan preaching centre in Brno, thank to their enthusiasm for fulfillment of Srila Prabhupada's vision. In the middle of June of 2018 devotees have been infromed by HH Bhakti Vikasa Swami, that he would like to come to celebrate Janmastami at Nava Gokula. We have decided to built new temple room and other necessary things at our farm Nava Gokula. By our combined effort we have been able to create beautiful festival hall, traditional kitchen for cooking on opened fire, loft accomodation for Maharaja etc.

Description of Ongoing Activities

Our farm now owns 5,5 hectars of arable land and pastures. Also we rent other hectar as pasture.
Three main residential buildings are the part of the first phase of Nava Gokula constructions. They will serve as ashram, temple, kitchen and one house will be for the family with children. In the second cunstruction phase we plan to build lofts and new roofs for all houses. In front of all houses there will be a veranda which will also create a terrace in the second floor.

Skavsko 519, 768 33 Morkovice-Slížany Czech republic
Contact Person
Rukmini Ramana das
Contact Number
+420 605 732 154‬