ИСККОН Грамин Ашрам, Татипарти

Short Story of Project

Five years ago, ISKCON Nellore launched ISKCON Grameen Ashrama Project at Tatiparti which is about 25 Kms from from Nellore city. The project has eight & half acres of paddy field and in one & half acres we have Temple, Goshala & Ashrama. There we grow varieties of flowers, fruits and vegetables and in the future we wish to achieve self sufficiency. We have 8 cows in our Goshala comprising of 1 milk giving cow.

Description of Ongoing Activities

Ongoing activities include Temple programs, maintenance, further construction, farming and goshala maintenance. In the future we plan to build some rooms for people to stay and practice devotion. Especially after lockdown and economic collapse we are trying to depend on farm.

Contact Person
Sukadeva Swami
Contact Number