Базовый лагерь деревни (ОРИК)

Short Story of Project

Базовый лагерь деревни Организации развития ИСККОН Камбоджи (ОРИК)
ISKCON Cambodia Development Organization (ICDO) Village Basecamp started in the month of April, 2020 on our plot at Chub Village, Angkor Thom, Province of Siem Reap, The Kingdom of Cambodia.

With the help and support of some Cambodian devotees we run this basecamp as our official office to help the local villages especially youth and children.

Description of Ongoing Activities

Two volunteer Teachers live at the basecamp. We have built a classroom for teaching English, also gradually we plan to introduce Gardening, Arts and Dance.

The basecamp facilities such as kitchen and bathroom were upgraded and we are now building some rooms for the volunteers.

In our garden we have different types of vegetables growing and bananas, also a nursery and fruits trees.

Our activities are also connected with the other projects such as Yashodapura Eco Village (YEV), Vedic Culture Educational Center (VCEC), both being located in the same Commune. Once a week we do Food For Life in surrounding the villages.

Chub Village, Chub Te Traw Commune, Angkor Thom District, Siem Reap, Cambodia.
Contact Person
Gunaavatara Dasa, Bhakta Khear
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