To be a world-class premier institute in conducting systematic training, education, research, and dissemination of knowledge in the field of  Daiva Varnasrama Dharma, covering the four Vedic Sciences (Chatur Vidya) that encompass both the natural spiritual and natural material duties and responsibilities (Sva-Dharma) of all human beings. Thus constantly striving to fulfill the instructions of His Divine Grace A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami to establish Varnasrama Colleges and the role of training in re-establishing Daiva Varnasrama Dharma for the Krishna consciousness-based transformation of the society.


Varnasrama College ONLINE (VCO) aims at laying the foundation for bringing about a gradual global social transformation through online training and education based on the ancient scientific principles and concepts of Sanatana Dharma, also known as Varnasrama Dharma. VCO will adopt the best practices such as semester-based course content development, orientation program, creating onsite training programs, Vedic pedagogy that will create an enriching educational experience, recruit qualified teachers, have an active mentorship program and alumni association for student interactions, customized to the pace of learning and natural inclinations of the students, provide research opportunities, conduct webinars, and conferences, etc., all to further the vision of VCO.

VCO operates as a branch of the parent organization Varnasrama College Foundation (VCF). Viewers interested to know more about Varnasrama College Foundation may visit their website at