ИСККОН Яндельсбрунн Симхачалам

Short Story of Project

Established in 1982 as a Narasimha temple and farm community in South East Germany, near Czech and Austrian border. It is situated in the Nature Park of the Bavarian forest with 17 Hektar of temple buildings complex, pastures, fields and forest.

Description of Ongoing Activities

- Worship of Sri Prahlad Narasimha
- Vaisnava festivals, the biggest being Narasimha Caturdasi
- book distribution
- guest house
- biodynamic agriculture
- goshala with 6 cows and 2 oxen

Zielberg 20, 94118 Jandelsbrunn, 35km from Passau
Contact Person
Gaura Mohan Das, TP
Contact Number