The book analyzes the negative and highly destructive effects of industrialization and modernism tracing their source to the Industrial Revolution of the eighteenth century focusing primarily on three areas of gross neglect related to animals (especially the cows), agriculture and modern education.

The author, a 45 years practitioner of the Vaisnava tradition, presents the Vedic dharmic perspective of sociology by introducing the scientific practices of a cow-based economy where land and cows form a natural symbiosis to serve the needs of humanity in the most ideal sustainable manner free from all forms of exploitation.

MODERNITY is KILING CIVILIZATION points to the life threatening global ecological crises such as desertification, climate change, deforestation, ill health, etc. that are created when we do not respect the natural established laws of nature as outlined in the Vedic culture. It is a call to mankind for a return to a more natural lifestyle where cows, land and knowledge are protected and not exploited.

The author argues that we are ruthlessly killing three of our most important mothers, namely Mother Surabhi (cows), Mother Bhumi (land) and Mother Sarasvati (knowledge).

The book comes with an extensive Glossary of Vedic terms and ideologies less known to the Western audience, an elaborate General Index to help the reader find topics of special interest and ample references from authoritative sources, both contemporary and ancient.

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