Understanding and Preserving Srila Prabhupada's Teachings

Teacher: Dhira Nitai das

Sociological studies of religion indicate that most religions fail, after the fourth generation, to preserve the purity and authenticity of their original teachings.

Religious teachings and instructions by the founders of religious movements should be understood in terms of the issues being addressed, the context (time, place and circumstances) and intention connected to the instructions given to the followers to overcome or to solve the issues.

The biggest challenge religions are facing is how to understand and preserve relevant instructions, real context and intention of the religious founders while solving particular issues.

The course consists of 5 modules of pre-recorded lectures on www.udemy.com platform and one interactive Question and answers session. You will have to register as the user at www.udemy.com platform to be able to take the course.

Dhira Nitai Das graduated from the ISKCON GBC College for Leadership Development. He holds Bachelor degree in music and is certified ISKCON Bhakti-sastri teacher. 


Course Times
Sat, Jul 3 2021, 06:00 - Sat, Jul 31 2021, 07:00 Asia/Kolkata (06:00 - 07:00 Asia/Kolkata)
Course type
Language of Instruction
Who can take the course
ISKCON Prabhus
Benefits of taking the course
We will analyze how real intention, relevant context and unaldurated instructions can become lost to the generations of the followers of any religion. We will also analyze different ways how to understand and preserve the pure teachings of Srila Prabhupada in ISKCON in our and next generations and how we as ISKCON can overcome many challenges on that way.
Duration of the course
Pre-recorded course of 1h 15 min video materials.