Holistic Thinking and Spiritual Science

Teacher: Dhira Nitai das

This course will analyze how spiritual science has its own system thinking and how we can better understand and value it if we analyze and compare its system with modern reductionist systems.
We will also thoroughly analyze and discuss the 7 purposes of ISKCON (the foundational document of ISKCON) and how to achieve them.

A system is a method to achieve results. Each training implies a system and continuous improvement which offers critical paths to minimize failures and mistakes on the way. SYSTEM THINKING is part of learning or training organization, which ISKCON is. System thinking allows the ordinary devotee to perform extraordinary results. The person being oriented will seek to correct any failure with the person. The system being oriented will seek to correct any failure in the system.

Student reviews:
1. The course gives one the basis to rethink Srila Prabhupada's instructions from the perspective of Varnasrama Dharma.
2. The topics opens a devotee's minds to creatively thinking of new possibilities (without going outside the realms of Guru,  Sadhu and Sastra).
3. This course gave me extensive knowledge and new dimension of thinking about how things are carried out in Iskcon by holistic system and how our 7 purposes of iskcon are connected with Varnashrama. 

The course is presented at www.udemy.com, an interactive online learning platform. There will be also one live interactive Question and Answer session. You will have to register as the user at www.udemy.com in order to take this course. 


Course Times
Sun, Aug 1 2021, 18:30 - Tue, Aug 31 2021, 20:00 Asia/Kolkata (18:30 - 20:00 Asia/Kolkata)
Course type
Language of Instruction
Who can take the course
ISKCON Prabhus
Benefits of taking the course
System thinking allows the ordinary devotee to perform extraordinary results.

1. The students will be able to UNDERSTAND:
a) System thinking & holistic thinking
b) The system of 7 purposes of ISKCON
c) Holistic system of Sankirtana movement

2. The students will be able to APPLY the system thinking and holistic thinking for training and improvement in ISKCON.

3. The student will be able to better ACHIEVE 7 purposes of ISKCON.

Duration of the course
Pre-recorded course at www.udemy.com interactiv learning platform for you to study as per your convenience.